Councillors adopt Te Atakura – First to Zero blueprint

Councillors finalised and adopted the Zero Carbon Capital blueprint at the City Strategy Committee meeting on the 20th June, 2019. Read the news release.

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What next?

Te Atakura - First to Zero is just one step in our path to becoming a zero carbon capital. Check out where we're headed from here, and how the conversation will continue.

Where we're headed 

We need to plan - and we can’t do it alone

Our plan to achieve the zero carbon target by 2050 will be guided by your feedback. We can’t do it alone — so what should the Council do, and what should others do? 

We’ve developed a blueprint for our plan, exploring possible actions, changes to advocate for, and ways we can support individuals to change.

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Facebook Q&A with councillors - 1 May


The community joined councillors for a live Facebook Q&A on Wednesday 1st May from 5.30pm - 7.00pm. Together we explored how we can build a future for Wellington that’s safe from the effects of climate change. Read the discussion that happened.