Setting a platform for action

At the moment we’re sputtering about 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere every year. We’ve desperately got to get that to zero, and fast. We need 3 things in place to make this work: a financial budget, a carbon budget, and the community backing for a plan. To get these things in order, we’re following this process:


process diagram v2

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Stage 1: Blueprint


We’ve set out the Blueprint for a way forward - a way to become a Zero Carbon Capital. You can download it here and give us your thoughts.


Stage 2: Community feedback on the blueprint


We've received your vision for a zero carbon future! We’ve heard your feedback from this round of engagement, and we will incorporate it into the Blueprint to set out what we’ll go forward on. Council will consider the adjustments.


Stage 3: Engineer the future (we are here)


Once we've taken your feedback into account, we need to get the financials, carbon budget, timing and costings of each project to the stage where they are well understood. Once we have that, we can move to the next stage. 

Stage 4-7: Feedback on the focus areas


For each of the key areas we’ll run a “mini engagement” as we finish up the aspects in Stage 3. At that point we’ll assess your priorities given what we’ve learned.


Stage 8: The "9 year sprint" to cut carbon


In 2021, alongside the Long Term Plan, we’ll present a plan to the Council to kick off the first 10 years of our journey to zero carbon. By spending a couple of years sorting it all out, we’re spending 2 of our precious 11 years that we have to cut carbon in half working on details before sticking shovels in the ground. This means we’ll have to push that much harder to make the progress needed.