Planning for Growth

Between 8 April and 17 May 2019 we asked people to have their say on the pros and cons of four growth scenarios. The numbers are in, you had your say, and now we know what you want for your city tomorrow.

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The Council’s FutureFit calculator is a personal carbon calculator web app that includes the ability to choose actions to reduce your carbon - and be reminded by text to do them.  We invited our partners at Auckland Council to contribute to collaborate with us. Getting the right information in individual’s hands for them to make low-carbon decisions is an exciting opportunity.


Wellington 2050 Calculator 

In 2015 Wellington City Council saw a chance to make it more engaging to interact with all the data we have on our carbon emissions. That’s why we teamed up with the National Energy Research Institute and Enspiral to make the Wellington 2050 calculator. We were only the 2nd city globally to build a 2050 calculator based on the open source standard established by the UK Department of Climate Change.


Wellington Sea Level Rise Tool 

Wellington has led the way by setting up an online map that allows you to raise and lower the sea level rise as you wish - giving a better sense of what the city would look like in a range of scenarios.

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The Government's Zero Carbon Bill 

The Government is working its way through getting agreement on a zero carbon bill. With overwhelming submissions in favour of an ambitious bill, there is strong support for a change in direction. Sometime this year, it should be considered.

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