Less carbon production, more carbon reduction

To be zero carbon means that we can balance the activities that do produce carbon emissions against the activities that capture carbon. This effectively means our overall impact on the climate is zero.

What net zero carbon looks like

As a city, we produce carbon emissions through most of our daily activities such as driving cars, heating our office buildings, or even having a nice steak. There are other activities we can do that remove emissions from the atmosphere, such as planting trees.

wellington situation

The more carbon emissions we produce, the more balancing work we have to do – so the best thing to do is to start by reducing the amount of carbon emissions we produce in the first place.

If no action is taken to reduce our emissions, the impacts of sea level rise on the capital could see as much as $7 billion in property affected, and we’ll miss out on the huge opportunity to be the host of the jobs of the future.

what needs to happen for zero carb