Setting a platform for action

At the moment we’re sputtering about 1.1 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere every year. We desperately need to get that to zero, and fast.

An implementation plan will be developed in time for the next Long Term Plan to show how we will achieve our aspiration of a zero carbon city.
As part of the development of Te Atakura – First to Zero and the implementation plan, we intend to engage with the public in a city wide conversation. It is important that the whole city is on board with this vision of going zero carbon.

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Stage 1: Community gives feedback on Te Atakura


In May 2019 we heard your feedback on the draft Te Atakura blueprint, and then incorporated it to set out what we’ll go forward on. 


Stage 2: Council adopts Te Atakura


Councillors finalised and adopted the Te Atakura blueprint at the City Strategy Committee meeting on the 20th June, 2019. Read the news release.



Stage 3: Narrow down longlist of initiatives into shortlist


We are here

We’ll be narrowing down our longlist of initiatives by performing an initial cost/benefit analysis that considers two things - how much the initiative will cost to implement, and its potential for cutting carbon emissions.

Stage 4: Community gives feedback on the shortlist


You’ll have the opportunity here to give feedback on the shortlist of initiatives.


Stage 5: Refine ‘shortlist’ into a proposed plan


Taking into account community feedback on the shortlist, we’ll refine the shortlist into a proposed plan.

Stage 6: Community gives feedback on the proposed plan


You’ll have the opportunity here to give feedback on the initial proposed Zero Carbon Capital plan.

Stage 7: Refined proposed plan submitted to LTP process


We go through a process to incorporate your feedback, and get the financials, carbon budget, timing and costings of each project to the stage where they are well understood. This means the plan is at a stage where it is ready to become part of the Long Term Plan process, and receive timelines, funding, and a roadmap for implementation.

Stage 8: Community gives feedback on the Long Term Plan


In 2021, alongside the Long Term Plan, we’ll present a proposed plan to the Council to kick off the first years of our journey to zero carbon. By spending a couple of years sorting it all out, we’re spending 2 of our precious 11 years that we have to cut carbon in half working on details before sticking shovels in the ground. This means we’ll have to push that much harder to make the progress needed.

Stage 9: Long Term Plan (and ZCC plan) adopted by council


Once adopted, the Zero Carbon Capital plan and its initiatives will have timelines, funding, and a roadmap for implementation of the initiatives.