We need to start now

Currently, Wellington City produces net 1.1 million tonnes of carbon every year. If we could trap a year's worth of carbon emissions in a balloon, the balloon would hold 603 billion liters, and be 675 times the volume of the Westpac Stadium in size. Reducing this to nothing will not be easy, but we have to start now if we’re to stay in the “climate safe zone” scientists indicate.

carbon balloon to scale If we could trap 1 year's worth of Wellington's carbon emissions inside a balloon, the balloon would be 675 times the volume of the Westpac Stadium! And this is just a single year's worth of carbon...


To stay in the climate safe zone, we need to cut emissions by half in the next 11 years, then to zero by 2050. That’s not a lot of time to work with!

If we had to reduce our emissions to zero tomorrow, it would mean a complete ban on activities such as driving cars, flying, heating our home or even eating food produced in other parts of the country. This would be a sudden and unimaginable disruption to the way we live, work, and play.

We must plan to reduce our carbon emissions and take action now. The current global commitments just don't measure up, according to the Climate Action Tracker:


It will require everyone to work together to make significant changes, from each of us as individuals through to communities, businesses, organisations, local and national government.

It is a big change that will take time. We have set 2050 as our target for when Wellington City will officially be zero carbon - but we suggest greater ambitions to get there sooner.